“Goal Achievers is an impressive organization with a bright future.”

– Jim Cathcart, Author of The Acorn Principle


“Phil has shown extra-ordinary leadership. His passion and initiative has made him a great public speaker, organizer and visionary. His speeches are inspirational, and his acts are exceptionally compassionate. Through his belief in compassion, he founded Goal Achievers. This initiative now allows many women and men to come together in harmonious cooperation to work as a team and help each other achiever their goals.”

- Martin Kijazi, PhD, Researcher/Grantee – Climate Change & REDD+


“Goal Achievers has been a most valuable experience for me, as it has forced me to truly dig deep and identify my life’s purpose. Phil Taylor, has been my strongest supporter connecting me to people of influence and encouraging me towards my chief aim. His passion, integrity and unwavering desire to assist others has been priceless.
If you desire positive changes in your life and want a forum that will accelerate you towards your life’s purpose, then I suggest you visit GoalAchievers. The experiences and connections made will elevate your thoughts and change your life”.

- Courtney Carroll, Real Estate Investor, Educator, and Author


Goal Achievers is great because it brings together, on a weekly basis, peers who will keep you accountable and on track… Thanks to Phil and the group for getting me on track”

- Clark Luby, Senior Vice President, Sales Leader for Canada


“The Goal Achievers group that Phil started and runs is an amazing program that helped me to focus on important things and important goals. As a sales person I have a freedom to do whatever I want and this program helps me with going after those goals, tasks and activities that are the most important. Also the weekly meetings ensure the regularity of focus.”

- Elena Fort, Sales Representative at Right At Home Realty


Goal Achievers is a wonderful program for anybody who wants to achieve dreams and be successful. Phil has come-up with a structured but practical mechanism to support achieving individual goals. Since I joined the Goal Achievers program few months ago, I have started to visualize my goals more clearly. The feedback from Phil and others in the group is driving me to heights that I could not have imagined otherwise. I strongly recommend Phil and his Goal Achievers program”

- Pubudu Premawardena, Senior Manager, Parameter Estimation and Ratings Validation at RBC


“I cannot quantify the value of the service Goal Achievers has given me and the ‘jumpstart’ given back to my writing career. My dreams & goals are back!”

- Darrel Walrod, Author, Writer, & Poet


“Phil is an exceptional human being. He has created an organization whose premise is that we all do our best work when we help each other. Goal Achievers encourages us to risk taking our personal journeys because we will be supported, encouraged, and helped along the way by other members of the group. It is because of Phil’s belief in the goodness and potential in each person that his organization is successful”

- Eva Karpati, Publisher/Editor at Good News Toronto


“ As Founder and Radio Host at Goal Achievers Radio, Phil Taylor excels as an insightful and impactful interviewer. I was on his show as a guest and was impressed by Phil’s preparation on my subject area and the relevance of his interview questions. If Phil ever asks you to be a guest on his show at Goal Achievers Radio, jump at the opportunity. You will be glad that you did.”

- Dr. Tony Alessandra, Public Speaking * 5,000+ connections * DISC, Motivators, & 360° Online Assessments * Customer Loyalty * Platinum Rule


“Phil Taylor is known as a man of action in the National Speakers Association. What he has done to gather success minded professionals into a group represents how he atracks his client’s projects.”

- Patricia Fripp, THE Executive Speech Coach, Sales Presentation Skills Expert, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker